Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Versova - Some more pics

A few more pics of Versova.

Part of the beach with the drying stands on the right.

Sunset at Versova

Mumbai - Versova

Versova once was a sprawling village ( koli gaon) with fishermen and trading ships also. The fisher-men's village still exists though builders have nearly pushed them to one corner. Like in Colaba they still exist as to a minute witness to a past.

The Picture on the left shows the traditional art of drying fish ... a delicacy in many states if cooked properly. Of course some people cannot stand the smell. It is always advisable to wash such fish in warm salt water before cooking.

Nowadays a scarcity of space often forces the fisher women to spread the fish on the open road for drying.

To reach Versova one needs to get down at Andheri Station (West) and take a bus for Yari Road. Versova beach and the fisher-mans village can be found at the end of the J P Road. Instead of going left you need to travel straight down J P Road to reach the beach. A fsih market can also be found here which operates every morning and evening. You will get fresh catch arriving straight from the boats and st very reasonable prices.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Photo Journal

I created this blog as a photo journal for the roads I traveled so far. The things i love while travelling are food and people. Of course I never travel alone - my camera always goes with me :)

SO while i will post my road logs here expect some good pics also of places visited. My travel is limited - not many places, Parts of North America - Los Angeles, Las Vegas, NY, Maine, Washington, UK - London, Windsor and Windermere, France - Paris and Giverny, Europe - Amsterdam, Poland, Germany, China - Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, Middle East and of course India.

Its good to see that I can write my first post - at least the first step is taken and even the longest journey started with the first step - which reminds me that I will have to write also on the other blog which deals with the origin of earth!